Albatross Reach
The Sea Ranch CA

Albatross Reach is a 1,850 sq. ft. residence located just west of the Pacific Coast Highway. The site is gently sloping with dense vegetation, neighbors to the north and south, and views of the coastal range to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The design is informed by the rich tradition of Sea Ranch architecture and landscape of Halprin, MLTW and Esherick, and inspired by Wm. Turnbull’s drawings of multiple, additive and subtractive, shed fragments—“Barn Bits” as we call them. The house proper occupies a clearing at the center of the property and is comprised of three elemental sheds, informally positioned alongside one another. The two, more private, outer wings flank the central form that encloses the public spaces for living, dining and kitchen. Together with the detached garage, these simple forms define a protected courtyard to the east. A southwest facing exterior deck offers views down the coastline and beyond, while being sheltered from the prevailing northwest winds. The exterior is substantially closed to the street, open to the west and clad with charred Japanese Cypress.

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