Liberty Street
Ann Arbor MI

Liberty Street is a 2000 sq.ft. urban dwelling located on the second and third floors of a 19th C. mercantile building whose upper floors lay abandoned for 50 years. The existing 20’ wide by 72’ deep historic, party wall building offered access to additional light and air only through the roof. While the first floor remains commercial space the modified 2nd and 3rd story contain living and working spaces with abundant light and air resulting from substantial modifications to the roof and section.


At its core domestic space seeks a controllable public/private threshold and access to natural light and ventilation. To accomplish this in a narrow and deep building, a portion of the roof and the third floor were removed and a light capturing liner positioned in its place. Utilities and storage are bundled along the East wall and a liner of bamboo plywood defines the interior enclosure. The daily experience toggles between the contained yet well-lit dining space in the interior and the expansive view of the horizon from the roof deck.

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