Poetic Justice
Holywood CA

Located in a two-story warehouse at the western edge of Hollywood is the 3700 sq.ft. office and studio of Poetic Justice, an accomplished advertising and creative arts firm with a substantial client base in the film industry. The project was designed in collaboration with Edwin Chan.


The project was initiated out of a series of conversations with the client and focused on his desire for physical isolation and psychological empowerment matched with the dynamic activities of the spaces made necessary by the unforeseeable day-to-day fluctuations of the work. This dynamic quality is expressed literally through movable partitions constructed of a number of materials: clear, green, blue, transparent and translucent glass, medium density fiberboard, and painted sheetrock. Spatially articulated by the nature of their motion, these partitions slide, rotate and pinwheel past and around each other to unfold an infinite number of experiential possibilities. Like an optical labyrinth, each spatial reading is initiated via changing transparencies and producing multiple perceptual understandings.

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