SCI-Arc Cycles of Expression
Grand Central Terminal, New York City NY

SCI-Arc Cycles of Expression, was an exhibit in the former waiting rooms of Grand Central Terminal, and along with a show of work by Zaha Hadid. It presented thirty-two bicycles designed, modified or restored by a combination of SCI-Arc students and at-risk youth from Los Angeles in a class taught by SCI-Arc Shopmaster Randall Wilson.  


The enormous and occupiable windows that flank Grand Central’s Waiting Rooms inspired the design of a light filled container to hold the customized bikes at rest. Along with a volunteer team of students, Guthrie + Buresh designed and prefabricated the light weight metal structure in SCI-Arc’s auditorium over Christmas break. The bicycles and metal frames were then shipped to New York and assembled in place with assistance from local SCI-Arc alumni. The structural frame was then clad with thin fiberglass sheets and lit from within. 

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