Los Angeles CA

Invited submission to UCLA Architectural Journal in response to the given prompt:

“Submit an artifact exploring an architecture of residual space in Los Angeles.”

This proposal considered the idea of horizon by exploring a site section through Baldwin Hills. The horizon is rediscovered, interrupted, magnified, occupied.


April 21 1990 34°00’ long. 118°22’30” lat. 5:59 a.m.

Architecture demands an understanding and critique of the unique yet elemental forces from which it is derived: time place observer.

Place is the collection and description of material factors challenged by imagination and tempered by human activity.

HORIZON >  the limit of one’s experience, knowledge or observation.
HORIZIEN > greek: to divide or separate.

CRISS CROSS A [no man’s] ROOM : >  [BERM]

At a CRISS CROSS ing of westward migration with the northward pilgrimage of the Spanish find: an object on the gridded plain/plane, has been technologically voided (well oil well) rendering a volume > place.

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